Easy Financial Services has standard payment policies and restrictions linked to our operations on the one hand and AML compliance on the other hand. AML risks are costly for our reputation, brand and integrity.

To meet our compliance obligations, we have developed standard policies to guide our operations as a Financial Services Provider. This will serve as a guide for on-boarding arrangements with MTOs, transaction risk management, Partnership agreements and Agent program development.


Customer Information Requirement

Standard valid identity information, address, occupation, and other transaction details are often obtained as part of our transaction risk assessment and transaction processing. To send or receive money, a valid Photo I.D is required, passport, Drivers License, or Voter’s card.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

CDD is required for transactions. We will ensure we verify relevant information, obtain copies, keep copies of customer information, transaction details and other relevant information for a period of 5 years. We may from time-to-time audit transactions and include more request for information to furnish us with relevant due diligence information. The regulator Central Bank of Gambia requires subject persons to apply CDD measures to new customers and to existing customers at appropriate times on a risk sensitive basis.

CDD is to be applied:

  1. a) To all prospective customers for business prior to establishing a business relationship;
  2. b) To all existing customers in the event that the business becomes aware that changes have occurred;
  3. c) To all prospective customers for business when carrying out an occasional transaction; and

d)To existing high risk customers on a periodic basis where it is deemed necessary to reconfirm identification, nature of business and any other information previously obtained.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Following cancellation requests by a customer, all charges and risks in relation to the customer shall be the liability of the customer. We will refund your money after your request to cancel a transfer as long as funds is not receive or already deposited into a recipient account.

Full reasons with evidence must be provided explaining clearly the reasons for sending the transaction and advancing reasons also for cancelling the transaction.


If you want to make a compliant regarding to our services, do not hesitate to contact our customer services on +220 700 0819, on Email: info@easyfinancialgambia.com or visit us at our head office in Kololi.

Customer Service Standards

We value the customers we do business with and recognize their need for quick and responsible services that match their expectations within the context of all compliance and financial services delivery regulations of The Gambia’s Central Bank.

Our basic customer service strategy must conform to the requirements which define our remittance transactions. Due Diligence measures are indispensable to our operations, licence requirements and corresponding business relations with global MTO Networks and Domestic Financial services providers in the competitive money transfer and foreign exchange sector